社区居民不只是使用者,更应是参与者、策划者、共创者;社区营造不只是更新改造建筑景观空间,更应是给予社区活动经营与邻里关系和谐以载体;乡村振兴不只是美化村舍环境,更应是搭建起城市与乡村之间的沟通桥梁;我们通过“花瓣”边界空间的设计手法,将市集与社区空间融合;打造边界开放型、邻里友好型、空间灵活  型的全龄未来社区

  • 在旧城更新背景下,未来社区的营造依托于原有社区空间环境与社区居民活动的内容形式,塑造具有烟火气的可持续发展空间

  • 在电商网络快速取代实体购物背景下,依托当地野兔,花卉,杨梅等产业,创造体验--加工--购买的新型集市功能空间,打造虚拟平台带货与实体体验市场的共赢共存关系

  • 在乡村振兴背景下,本地社区居民与外来人群通过功能业态整合和空间梳理融合到一起。通过塑造空间的灵活性,预见性,指导性,使所有人都是参与者,营造者,共创者

Community residents are not only users, but also participants, planners, and co-creators

Community creation is not only to renew and transform the architectural landscape space, but also to provide a carrier for the operation of community activities and the harmonious relationship between neighbors

Rural revitalization is not only to beautify the environment of the village, but also to build a bridge between the city and the countryside.

We use the "petal" boundary space design technique to integrate the market and the community space

Create an all-age future community with open boundaries, neighborhood-friendly, and flexible spaces

In the context of the renewal of the old city, the construction of the future community relies on the original community space environment and the content form of community residents’ activities to create a pyrotechnic sustainable development space

Under the background that e-commerce networks are rapidly replacing physical shopping, relying on local industries such as hares, flowers and bayberry, create a new type of market function space of experience-processing-purchase, and create a win-win coexistence between virtual platform and physical experience market relation

In the context of rural revitalization, local community residents and outsiders are integrated through functional business integration and spatial combing. By shaping the flexibility, foresight, and guidance of the space, everyone is a participant, creator, and co-creator






Program:Food Market & Community Center

Site Area: 3150㎡


FAR: 0.36