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As an urban observation point witnessing the changes in Shenzhen’s “inside and outside the customs”, the top of Tanglang Mountain is the sea and sky urban landscape composed of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Bay-Shenzhen Supermarket to the outside, and to the central science academy-Tsinghua-Harbin Institute of Technology and other colleges and universities. Settlement at the bottom of the mountain valley of knowledge. City Window witnessed the development of Shenzhen in time and space. At the same time, looking at the hilltop stands from an urban perspective, it is like a round sun and a crescent moon, highlighting the common vision of the citizens in the sky of the sun and the moon.

The design of the main stand "Sunlit Terrace" follows the design concept of looking at the mountains on the lower level and the sea on the upper level. Visitors can pass through a closed and quiet Zen-like inner courtyard space to the open sky corridor space when looking for the spiral trail upwards. At the same time, tourists looking up at the top of the mountain during the climbing process will produce the intention of sunrise on the top of the mountain as the height changes.

​The second stand "Xuan Yuetai" is like a ribbon hanging on the mountainside, showing the view of the landscape to the greatest extent. People flow from the space under the moon to the back of the moon, and finally enter the arc landscape stand.





Program:Landscape Platform & Tower

Site Area: 600㎡+300㎡